Rechenzentrum – Silence Dvd


DVD – Weiser Music
For Rechenzentrum electronic images and rhythm have always been equally important. The use of video as an instrument, and the care for music’s visual quality – even though inspired by lettrist and dada avant gardes, or by the William S. Burroughs’ cut-up technique – are modulated in often synthetic and minimalistic tensions, which suddenly swerve to a more organic and improvised approach. Marc Weiser’s (member of the Zeitkratzer Ensemble) music evolves languidly and fluid, but always edgy and a little bit obscure, while heading to the romantic. Lillevan’s video is complex in its inspiration, expressed by multiple sound level structures. If it’s true that he indulges in new “conversational” assonances, then he still retains a very coherent structure, made of finely interwoven textures, glitch’n’cut and melancholic classic arias. These extremes d come together in the end.