Morpho Towers, Two Standing Spirals

Morpho Towers

The famous ‘Protrude Flow’, permanently exhibited at the Ars Electronica Center in Linz, is one of the few spectacular electromagnet sculptures artworks. Its ability to model rounded forms out of a liquid black ‘ferrofluid’, that stands trembling for a while and then become plain liquid again, was able to astonish any viewer. Morpho Towers, Two Standing Spirals is the second work of this kind, built by Sachiko Kodama and Yasushi Miyajima, with music provided by Tetsuhide Hidaka. On the usual plate filled with the black fluid, two rotating helical spiral towers are able to spring up trembling magnetic fluid spikes, moving in synch with the music, thanks to finely tuned magnetic fields. The synch with music is accomplished through metadata, so the liquid somehow, embodies the music presence and movement. The same fluid is able to trick gravity, and it represent a liquid materiality triggered by magnetic invisible fields. So the immaterial (digital) communicates with the invisible (magnetic field) generating a temporary material embodiment (the magnetic fluid spikes). This mutual and visually destabilizing relationship connects an appealing sensorial experience with its different levels of physics, robotic and IT integration. A challenge for our either too abstracted or materialized categories.