(edited by) Femke Snelting and Peter Westenberg – The Language of Sharing

edited by Femke Snelting and Peter Westenberg

book – Constant V/J9
This is the catalogue of Verbindigen/Jonction 9 festival that took place in 2005 between Brussels, Liège and Antwerp. Taking over language as a medium, being the most complex and naturally one related to local, cultural, historical and social development was the utopia of choice pursued by the Constant collective. The challenge was taken focusing on a vast range of language contemporary experiments that include (and exclude sometime) programming code as well as dictionary models and translation issues. In the digital realm two of the most intriguing techniques selected, getting man and machine unnaturally close together, are chatbots and the Perl language. Chatbots meant as potential agents of a language evolution and Perl meant as a programming language able to make sophisticated language manipulations. Artificially created languages (as Klingon included here) as well as dialects and slang were analyzed as cultural bridges, able to connect and enrich instead of divide. A verbal reappropriation pursued through a collective open sharing. The only possible way to improve and evolve as languages in the end do.