O.S.T. & Transforma – Synken

O.S.T. & Transforma

dvd – Shitkatapult
Sidereal spaces, trembling emissions, crooked views of natural spaces and industrial places, strange beings and a human figure, halfway through the monk and the shaman. Actually electronic sounds, made out of extremely dilated drones, machinic frequencies and noise roughness, fruit of ChrisDouglas’ (aka O.S.T.) manipulative practices, (he’s also known as Dalglish, Rook Valard and Rook Vallade). This is a weird and ambitious project built by Berlin-based Transforma video collective, that combines visual cuts, borrowing them from vjing techniques with an uncommon narrative vocation. The work is developed focusing on an errant aesthetic that draws closer to the spectacular outcomes of the most deviated theater experiments. A mystery trip, steeped in organic and synthetic matter (or as the post-avant garde theatre would have said: ‘natural’ and ‘artificial’), with sudden scale and attention shifts, and made out of performative skills in putting on sets and stages. So there’s a moulding process summing design, cinema, photography, music and performing art skills in synchronized actions with an actual common digital forms base. To better understand this process it’s worth to check the dvd extra, especially ‘Making Of Synken’ and ‘Symul’.