Nathan Davis – Memory Spaces

athan Davis, Memory Spaces

CD – Mytoeses Music

Familiar spaces whose memory is imprinted in our own brain, explored to the very end by Nathan Davis, a percussionist and composer, fascinated at the same time by acoustic and electronic sounds. It’s a union of experimental exoticisms, using traditional music instruments as a triangle, in ‘Diving Bell’, processing acoustic recordings of sounds generated by his laptop hardware’s components, or making dissonances made out of an audio interface that’s not perfectly compatible with the same hardware in ‘Crawlspace’, both recorded in 2002. These are old and new ways of composing that involve improvisation music as well as a skillful reworking of ethnic sounds, and inspiring, in the end, new further timbre researches. Dense working-outs in field recordings, overtones and tunes that fit together with textures’ architectures in an evocative and sensitive narration. Eight short tracks made by Kaija Saariaho, and dedicated to the mystical Kyoto gardens, are part of the tracks selection made out of percussion and electronic instruments.