Kim Cascone – Statistically Improbable Phrases

Kim Cascone, Statistically Improbable Phrases

CD – Anechoic
Only thirty minutes of sounds in this new project by Kim Cascone, but they immediately carry us in imaginary liquid spaces, claustrophobic, gloomy and disquieting (almost like Twin Peaks), combining mysterious submarine field recordings with cracks, pulses, microemergencies and other almost imperceptible auditive manifestations. The different superimposed layers reflect almost maniacally the alien appeal of the setting. These sounds were recorded on November 2006 at the Instant Chavires, a Parisian institution dedicated to spreading experimental improvised music, interested to Cascone’s works and to the evolution of the glitch aesthetics, the last evolution of a tendency that started from the American avant-gardes in the Fifties, overcoming for good that barrier that divided classical musical traditions from everything that’s come after that.