Mediaterrae, Irpinia Electronic Landscape


Carnival is one of the few festivities that has not been yet commodified by some big entertainment, media or soft drink corporation. In Europe its ancient roots are often intertwined with the territory and its local cultures, in a fascinating mixture of imaginative narrative tradition and pure fun. On thisfertile ground is based Mediaterrae, an initiative run by the same team behind the Interferenze, naturalis electronica festival. It consists of a week long residency hosting some international artists in the little town of Montemarano, during its suggestive carnival. The group includes, Deadbeat, Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit, Anders Weberg and Robert Willim and Niko Stumpo. They’ll be exposed to the local carnival celebrations and their audio and visual ‘reactions’ will be performed during a public event at the Carlo Gesualdo theatre in the near Avellino on February 23rd. This research for being confronted with a foreign sensibility and the challenge of the specific images and sounds processing is not just a simple remixing process. It deals with a cultural melting pot that goes beyond the usual urban territory, entering historical and ethnical picture manipulations, and so playing with their meanings and origins. Will it be safe, engaging, or threating? Only on the evening of February 23rd we will know.