The Alps – Jewelt Galaxies/Spirit Shambles

The Alps, Jewelt Galaxies

CD – Spekk Japan
This release is included in an elegant and purposely oversized digipack, made out by ‘The Alps’ a group whose members are Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Alexis Georgopoulos and Scott Hewicker. Here they join two previous releases made for Root Strata and Digitalis Recordings. Free form musical structures, recorded on their own and highly imaginative (not so distant from certain post-rock derives). They shakes sensitive experimentalisms, abstract and delicate psychedelic moods, mixing old and new strategies, classic reminiscences, jazz and folk. There’s a significant expertise and instrumental diversity in this work: flutes, tablas, various percussion, bells, electric and acoustic guitars, clarinets, organs, an Omnichord… and that’s even something missed. Here sensitivity and absent-mindedness are both borrowed from an improvisational approach, in a incorruptible stylistic diversity, and an active subjectivity that seem to resist over the years.