Eric La Casa – Secousses Panoramiques

Eric La Casa, Secousses Panoramiques, Hibari, ericlacasa_secousses.jpg

3″ CD – Hibari

A musical ear is always needed. In 1958 John Cage, was a contender in an Italian quiz show (as a mushroom expert), and once he started to play coffee pots astounding the question master. Eric La Casa, instead, uses elevators to create his own music. Sixteen short tracks are composed with themany recordings the artist carefully made in public and semi-public spaces in Paris. His recording sessions took place in various places like La Défense, La Villette, in the metrò or in Radio France offices, with an obsessive attitude, lurking in elevators and storey. The unusual beauty and amazement of the everyday seem to focus the gestures on these research, a method that already thrilled surrealists in middle twenties. Yet there’s something more included in the ‘Secousses Panoramiques’ elegant packaging. The post-modern 3 inches cd comes with small vintage drawings of the same above mentioned quiz show time period. For instance the acousmatic-only structuring clearly favors a tension that is not easily perceptible, with the technicalities always on the back of such an elegant outcome. Anyway this is a coherent work, deeply sunk in the historical avant-garde tradition, that thanks to its taste and structure is a masterly one.