Cdatakill – Valentine


CD – Adnoiseam / Goodfellas
Breakcore generates hybrid fruits, developed from the insertion of very dissimilar sensibilities, that, for instance, produce this ‘art noveau’ artwork. The Adnoiseam experts prepared all these sounds here, fetching Zak Roberts (aka Cdatakill) for another style session of swarmed deviated audio, obscure melodies, neurotic rhythms, dub starts and noise. A game that’s never boring, because it genuinely and fully adheres to the practiced genre. And it also appreciably gets ready for strong collective developments of sound matrixes. The authors are sound, trend and cultural affiliations’ artisans, similarly to the fifteenth-century Italian painters in their workshops, or to the troubadour poets. It’s not a question of underestimating the single artists’ value, or the thickness of one production or the other, but what matters in this case it’s the project’s organicity, a trans-individual aesthetic vision that correctly tells how the contemporaneity is soaked in even ancient operativeness, that comes back in other intimately complex and present forms.