Dna, exposing your inner code

Dna, Marco Villani, dna.jpg

The goal of DNA by Marco VIllani is a reflection on the concept of identity, meant as a synthesis of a relationship in which symbolic, biological and existential systems converge. His privacy idea equals to total transparency. Through the analysis of his own chromosome profile, the artist highlights the lack of a general definition of the self, and how it is in the end the product of already established languages. This is possible because the language works as a behavior and perception programming code, and his adoption by the human subject is not a matter of free will. The language is before the ‘option’ as well as come into the world with a body, a DNA and all the rest. The unavoidable link between all the forms of human language can’t prevent the subject from taking an escape route to freedom that lies in the subject itself. As a matter of fact the subjection to language and to the body is typical of the human being, but at the same time, the critic skills arise form the experience. Appropriation of reality is the result of a relational process that is updated through the continuos instability of the individual on the edge of what he personally experienced and the sensorial perceptions. A sort of ‘passing’, or not one does in his performing role, nor as a subject, but a way of representing and living biopolitic and interpersonal fluid dynamics.

Francesca Tomassini