Wolfgang Dorninger – Nasca, on perspectives

Wolfgang Dorninger

dvd video – Base Records – base 0606-11
Inspired by the archaic oversized field drawings of the Nasca civilization, this audio video performance produces infinite lines and juxtapositions of abstracts elements in space. The original Nasca people depicted animals (or supposed underground water flows) and each of their signs (realized from 200 BC to 600 AD) covers several square kilometers in Peru. The obsession on the mystery of such a giant signs visible only from substantial altitude is reflected in the visual works where abstract paths are omnipresent and animated along their way in the 3D space. This kinematic flow sometimes burst into temporary illuminations, that suddenly return to the original obscure and fast movement of elements. The electronic soundtrack seem to synch mainly with the graphics mood and rhythm, and the songs sometimes seem self-ironic with a deep voice oddly singing lists of digital culture concepts.