Press Enter to Exit + Progress Bar, interfaces solidified.

Press Enter to Exit

The materialization of the interfaces and make the 'physical' abstract elements that are firmly part of our daily lives is one of the recurring themes in the art of new media, which thus (re) built with inappropriate materials the immateriality of the symbols that objectified dwell time to time in some part of the screen. To try to capture the ephemeral pleasure of 'simulate' the 'simulations' planned by these objects is Joe McKay, an artist who counts among its artifacts a couple of projects directly involved in these mechanisms. Press Enter to Exit , for example, consists of two glasses in a network in a box, one of which is wavering. This mechanism simulates the brilliance of blurry screens of monitors, while the contradiction highlighted by (press) Enter / (to) Exit, stands out in the often confusing and obligatory summary of the language of machines. The only available button activates and deactivates the mechanism embodying the unique dichotomy of entrance / exit. Progress Bar , however, is made ​​from a tape that simulates in its metal frame, a progress bar, driven by a small motor. The writing on the screen progresses in sync creating a visual match between inverted content of the pixels and the real world. The progress bar symbol of the passage of time (and the defeat of the supposed real-time calculators) becomes noisy, imperfect and cumbersome, taking off the screen and making the automatic symbolic to which we are accustomed.