Shadowplay Reanimated, video reprocessed.

Shadowplay Reanimated

A 'scene' music has always been marked by a particular aesthetic, as well as characteristic sounds and moods equally recognizable. The respective groups were then formed tip shining examples of synthesis of these coordinates, with some works that have become over time the emblems of the same scenes. 'Unknown Pleasures' Joy Division is considered one of the most innovative records of the eighties, and with it are compared legions of musicians, critics and fans. The cover of the work, in particular, conjugated with the dark atmosphere of the band un'ipermoderna (for the time) three-dimensional data by coarse lines, computer graphics, and minimal at the same time unintelligible. "Shadowplay" by Joy Division, Reanimated Yoshi Sodeoka (author of numerous works including # 41, Colors, Television Microwave And Ghost and prototype38 , ASCII Rock , Net Pirate Number Station and 40 40 31 ) is a reworking of one of the songs, which places special significance to an aesthetic inextricably linked by the excellent Peter Saville graphic style of the group and the mood that pervaded the young minds of that period. The algorithm that generated at the time that image was applied to the entire video of the song, with images of the members of the group distorted by the graphics so special. This interpretation became recognized as an aggravation of the original meanings of passion that goes beyond the aesthetic appeal of the result. The sensory jumble that has made inroads in the imagination of the time, technically explodes thanks to the ability to calculate contemporary 'reviving' and extending the original meanings and the historical sense of the band dissolved and its late singer (Ian Curtis). Ê