real sound, the sound interface to circulate.


The usability of sound installations often based on the immediacy generated by the use of sensors that create a meaningful link between movements / actions of the user and the speech scheduled artist. Instead, use other languages ​​and conventions can lead to more significant results, stirring without hesitation sensory habits of the user with the proposal narrative. In real sound , installation curated by the Dutch Radboud Mens, the composition of a piece is interwoven according to a concentric through manual manipulation of sensitive points that trigger light animations and related sounds. The same manipulation was acquired from one generation to empathically linked to vinyl, and here comes integrated with the responsiveness and multisensory involvement of the digital medium. The animations are simple and immediate as those used in display minimum (eg those of radio or LCD display to scroll), and generally pay a contribution to the simplification of the messages and their reinforcement through intensification and attractions in motion. An aesthetic that has become a classic (geometric abstraction connected to precisialtrettanto abstract sounds), and that reinforces a perceived link publicly, that sounds and minimal signs combined in flexible and universal interface.