Voice Lift, the silicone voice.

The presence of a human being is often credited simply by hearing a voice, due to the poor simulabilità articulation of the vocal cords, then the symbol of a person in the flesh. But the technologies that have tried to mimic the human voice, the 'crows' distinctive vocoder eighties until the final refined software tools, such as Vocaloid , able to generate a credible singing from individual vocal samples, have, therefore, always touched one of the weaknesses of our perception. To bring another level of simulation, this time implemented in an organic way, it is a technique known as Voice Lift , which is a lifting of the vocal cords, carried out with the injection of collagen or cymetra, a synthetic product even closer to the skin. In this case, a factor that the industry is so determined to define 'cosmetic', to create more of an integration of skills already possessed, rather than the irreversibility of the intervention, is used with the ultimate aim to rejuvenate the patient's voice and thus to enhance the credibility of the other cosmetic surgery already made. And if already in the portraits of the early centuries of the previous millennium the women asked to be represented with certain parts of their face or body resembling other, more fortunate sir, you can just as easily imagine that considerable resources will be invested on the standard modeling of the strings for assomogliare a famous voices or categories of gender, race and age precise.