ACLU Summer Surveillance Campaign, the pizza maker overseer.

To what extent can push the control of a citizen through the intersection of data from multiple databases? This is certainly an open question and requires continuous attention of those who are called upon to ensure the protection of citizens from the invasion of private and institutional control. In this regard, to launch its summer campaign against the surveillance of citizens, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has produced a ' flash animation that illustrates the stages of a futuristic and terrifying ordering pizza from a private citizen. What is simulated is the PC screen of the phone operator is employed to the pizza orders and delivery. Between screens, the user is heavily conditioned in all its choices to personal data and information displayed in real time from operator itself so that justifies the automatic and exorbitant costs of initially expressed wishes of the user. The disorienting feeling at the end of the short call is to be 'naked' even against an operator business thanks to the total lack of privacy for their actions and private choices and their electronic traceability, as recorded in their archives. To avoid nightmares like these support the ACLU asks to protect U.S. citizens from the spectrum of a creepy 'Total survellance Society'.