YM Rockers, YM2149 music.

The aesthetic 8bit sound, after a posthumous and progressive development of the last two years (Malcolm McLaren has noticed also that attempted to label it with the disgusting term 'chip music') is evolving towards land even more specialized, such as demonstrates this collective calling itself open YM Rockers . The band consists of many elements and alternating focused in its achievements not on pluricelebrato MOS 6581 SID music processor of Commodore 64 , as the YM2149, processor platforms adopted in Atari 16/32 bit in mid-eighties. The chip is able to emit only noise waveforms and buttons, putting a strain, so the compositional skills of the authors. These make public their achievements as a file that can run on the same computer historians Atari, or through appropriate emulators (together with some examples to mp3, for good measure). Not easy revival, then, Luddite nor a spirit can be felt in the tracks, but a unique musical and technical challenge at the same time choosing as a starting point a chip difficult to continue the challenge of virtuosity obtainable by these means. Add a further stage of stylistic coherence graphics are also compatible with the same machines, pushing his chances and giving a further element to the identity of the work.