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Yoshi Sodeoka, from New York, has made his first ‘physical product’ after years of prolific visual experiments, such as those of ASCII Rock, where he reprocessed in ASCII characters some vintage rock videos, and those of Casket, a software for interfacing audio data and visual manipulations. With a ‘dirty’ organic nature, with citations of vintage scientific films, the omnipresent ‘plot’ of the video and the always tangible cinematic nature of the moving shapes reflect themselves into the shadows, transparency masks and amplified particulars which are therefore made abstract. The loops and transitions are used carefully, proving that the author has metabolized well the paradigms of DJ culture, but in a more advanced way compared to the usual VJing practices. Here, in fact, the narration, even if reflected in its shapes, proceeds in an autonomous and self-determined way. It’s a dreamlike journey through catodic rooms (thirtyone, to be exact), dark and gray, or painted with faded colours, where the graininess and the interferences highlight the obsession for the straight lines of the screen, producing a sharp spatial sense ending in a flickering epilogue after a brief shower of noise.