World Information, special Intellectual Property Edition

Printed for the WSIS in Geneva, this anthology sttrikes at the heart of the problem of the freedom of the flow of information and the free access to humanist and scientific culture in particular. Completely detached from the sterile dichotomy everything for free / everything for sale, the writers have highlighted several ways to an intermediate solution, concrete and with an intrinsic political value. The large distance between the extremization of intellectual property and the authors’ interests is proven by the many points of view here expressed, which embrace the fundamental thesis which states that the incentive to share goes hand in hand with the incentive to create and publish. There are meny studies which prove that the free circulation of digital goods helps to sell physical goods, only with a culture of plurality and choice light years away from the frenzy of big corporations. The naturalness with which the models based on equality have taken off, with the legal anger of the monopolists as their only reaction, bodes well for the quick adoption of alternative models of copyright protection, tailored on the intentions of the author and dynamic in their relationship with the community / market. Published under the Creative Commons license, and containing a basic glossary which explains the most important terms, this magazine also includes a map, made by the Bureau d’Etudes, of the domain names and the public and private organizations which control their registration and their controversies.