All My Life For Sale, sell their goods online.

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11:07:02 All My Life For Sale, sell their goods online.
Ebay, the most popular auction site on the web, has long been a breeding ground for experiment operations of electronic art. The artist John Freyer has developed here the practice, now common to millions of users, to auction their own items, only estremizzandola and selling all of its owned objects. From an artificial tooth to a copier for the office, up to personal photographs, the winter coat and t-shirts Star Wars, more than 600 items were auctioned and sold, including the domain name of the project All My Life For Sale , purchased by the Museum of Art at the University of Iowa. For a year the artist is traveling to the second part of the project that includes a visit to the places where his subjects are finished after purchase. All documentation for this transaction will be finally documented in a linro produced by Bloomsbury, which should see the light in autumn. An earlier sale of personal items had been made ​​previously by the net conceptual artist Michael Mandiberg (see Mandiberg net balances of conceptual art. ).