Technotopias, identities and cultures of technology.

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10:07:02 Technotopias, identities and cultures of technology.
It takes place July 10 to 12 at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow (UK), Technotopias, Texts, Identities, and Technological Cultures , an international conference on the relationship between humanism and technology and the impact of the same technology in relation to our personal identity, art and history. For once the speakers were invited from very different disciplines, with both academic approaches, as fresh and disenchanted. The abstracts abound on the site that illustrates the main themes around which the event. They range from 'Literatures of Technology' in which next to studies on mechanical techniques of writing Dickens and Beckett analyzing the science fiction and contemporary literature and their reflections on the interactions with the automatic management of information. But you also deal with the changes in the perception of place and history, not to mention the changes in the representation and performance. Of course, the body and its representation play a central role in these issues with specific seminars on the new self-perception, the concept of post-human and uncertainties related to biotechnology.