A_D_E_ 2002 theater technology in Polverigi.

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12:07:02 A_D_E_ 2002 theater technology in Polverigi.
It takes place on 13 and 14 July l ' 2002 edition of ADE, that within the International Festival Inteatro seeks to explore the relationship between Media and Performing Arts. Edited by Carlo Infante and Velia Papa's research is based on three main lines. The first is the 'web experience', understood as a spectacular project that is realized through the web, which this year has been enhanced with an online contest with the theme 'From the natural to the artificial and back. Body. Food. Landscape '. The other two lines analyzed, respectively, the post-television format, where the possible interaction with the user can open new prospects for production, and edutainment with the aspect ratio of recreational and educational digital environment. Within the program there are 'Bi: to (gaze Bee)', video installation on the human landscape of the festival Of Elsa Mersi, Francesco Michi and Davide Venturini / TPO, 'Enigma', demonstration show with interactive systems' motion capture 'animation in real time, by Andrea Brogi, Gabriele Ciaccia and class II Regia year National Academy of Dramatic Arts' Silvio D'Amico' as well as' Minimal Animal Licking Softly + vj set ', a live project by Luca Morino (Mau Mau) for video, voice, guitars and digital soundz.