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12/03/01 Animations.
The gallery PS1 in New York is in progress and events , an exhibition dedicated to contemporary artists' perceptions of the animation as a medium. At the beginning of an era in which reality and fantasy of a film's animation seem to start to melt losing the clear boundary that divided them until a few years ago, were chosen thirty artists who interact with the concept of its 'animate', ie give a soul to something. Between the sections, particularly rich presents one dedicated to, with prominent artists and major works such as: Open Studio, Andy Deck, a drawing tool collective Glassbead, John Klima, an instrument that produces musical objects online generated from multi-user (at most) a dozen people at once; 'p-Soup' by Mark Napier, a tool for creating animated drawings sound; 'Blur Browser' Mark Daggett that blurs the content of the web page requested by the user to it becomes abstract colors; 'ASDFG' Jodi, one of their animations syncopated error; 'Dakadaka' by Golan Levin and Casey Reas, a visual representation of the keys pressed on the keyboard, 'Flexible Planning' of Panajotis Mihalatos, a microgame recursion on the shares, 'Hikaru: Bio_Sythesis Session' of Basicray, on the concept of synthesis audio / visual, 'Dakota' by Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, an animation in Flash-based 'Cantos' Part I and Part II of Ezra Pound, 'bulb in the 20th Century' of Xeth Feinberg, humorous cartoon on the limits of Flash, 'Day In, Day Out' by Alex Munro and Galloway, animation spend the day through the trans-atmospheric and climatic conditions and 'The Coils of the Serpent, part 1 'by Sebastian Luetgert, obsession of corporate logos. Also included are works known as' Sissyfight 'Erc Zimmerman and,' The Intruder 'by Natalie Bookchin (see' The Intruder ') or' Lullaby for a Dead Fly 'of Mouchette and' Praystation 'by Joshua Davis.