BaudriR, Baudrillard in chat.

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04:12:01 BaudriR, Baudrillard in chat.
BaudriR is a project which traced playing live in different chat rooms of the book by Jean Baudrillard 'In the Shadow of the Silent Majorities'. Originally published by Semiotext (e), the text has been entered line by line from the first to the last letter, including the ISBN in different AOL chat by most diverse topics (such as' pokemon forest ',' Jesus sucks', ' Car Chat ',' Hillary for Senate 'or' Cops with attitude '). Thus in the midst of discussions about sex, politics, religion, celebrities or simple daily chats, reactions to BaudriR (this is the nickname chosen) went from confusion to attempt to ridicule, verbal aggression, with very few people who have noted the possible link with the French philosopher.