Straylight online exhibition.

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28.11.01 Straylight online exhibition.
A section of the annual Darklight Film Festival in Dublin this year was dedicated to the works of that, each in its own way, bring into question the ownership of ideas and images. Therefore based on sharing, reusability and control, the selected artists have contributed to the tunnel was built on the official website, the Straylight online exhibition , which also physically, and not just through the link works. Among them: David Phillips and Paul Rowley (digital manipulation in speed and color video historical and social), the Desperate Optimists (panels with the printer to print in color and to be assembled), Shirin Kouladjie (loop visual gestures decontextualized) Kate Southworth and Patrick Simons ('Glorious Ninth', in the image, a generative work that evolves in different directions selectable by the user), Tiia Johannson ('' an interactive composition of skyscrapers in black and white), Lia ( '', geometries frattaliche), V.Mizin ('Let it be' short video on the identification of the consumer in the advertisement), Niall Sweeney (studies of shapes and colors in liquid animation with a minimal soundtrack) David Sherriff ('You are No (w) here', kaleidoscopic images in animation Dublin), Marcus Gosling and Richard Fenwick (video and sound urban computer virus), Seán Hillen ('Untitled Umbrella Project', an online gallery of photos of umbrellas abandoned), Starlab ('stories composed in PHP based on images of the cache and texts that accompany them), Jillian Mcdonald (loop video of scenes from movies and reinterpreted by the author in the other half of the screen). Also present were Peter Luining with Square 4/4 (see interactive sound ), Joshua Davis (See Praystation ), Conor Mc Garrigle (see 're Not Really Here ).