The Intruder, literature.

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11/27/01 The Intruder, literature.
Natalie Bookchin, a professor at Cal Arts California, is one of the leading figures of net art, the natural evolution of his early work compiled for interactive cd-rom. ' The Intruder ', is one of his most eloquent, in which literature is commingled schemes pop of the game, so that, for example, you have to win with a tennis ball instead of the phrases used to go to the play / next paragraph. The Intruder is a pioneering adaptation of a short story by Jorge Luis Borges. The Bookchin forces the reader to continue to play in the linear narrative, taking on the role of the player who has to shoot, fight, grab and collide with objects. The shape of the arcade merges with the literature with its contents can filter towards the audience playful, not always ready to use them. All pending the artist finish the co-creation of MetaPet a game on the web that is in an ironic way the biotech industry.