against the war: afghan_explorer.

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29.11.01 against the war: afghan_explorer.
Afghan Explorer is the project (technically very detailed but highly ironic) of a robotic vehicle for the acquisition of personal knowledge, designed on the assumption that international peace can only come from mutual understanding. The research project is led by the newly Computing Culture Group at the MIT Media Lab The introduction refers to the poverty of information which has been provided to the American people by its media. Already in Operation Desert Storm in Iraq ten years ago, journalists were being escorted by the military that they could stop working at any time and in any case all their work was subject to possible censorship by the military themselves. According to the artists / researchers at MIT information coming from Afghanistan is so unique as to be practically invisible and so remote as might be from Mars. For this reason the creation of the Afghan Explorer should allow the average American citizen to be virtually present in the incredible natural beauty of Afghanistan, thus being able to perceive its ancient history and behavior of its inhabitants, who for the most part are absolutely peaceful.