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Sceen, magazine for digital extravaganza


Digital culture, as several other areas related to innovation, has always lived the dichotomy between technical and academic, who sometimes have raised their fences to recognize and distinguish. The alleged sterile contradictions that are sometimes generated

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Print a journal of media art is not an easy task, having to barcamenare between all the problems (economic, logistic, distribution and administrative expenses) that the flourishing production jump online instead of at



magazine – O’Reilly Media, Inc. – ISBN 0596100787
The best seller hacker magazines (2600, Blacklisted 411) have spread to the public the innovative and sometimes genial techniques of electronic systems manipulation. they emerged from the


The most followed magazines' hacker '(such as '2600' or 'Blacklisted 411') have historically led the innovative and often ingenious techniques for handling electronic systems to public attention, emerging from an underground which have been linked salutariamente,

Free Cooperation

Geert Lovink

The last twenty years of studies on corporate organization and efficiency in human resources management have sacrificed, through their experiments, every ethical principle to achieve the holy grail of the capital machine: productivity. The interaction


The magazine Simultaneity comes alive in an entirely in English version with a number theme entitled 'The Soul of Digital Art'. Founded in 1997, with specific interest on new media art and its multiple expressions, the