.x-med-a., experimental media arts

edited by Maja Kuzmanovic

Paper is meant to last and this printed annual anthology of media art projects and experiences originating in Belgium, is even more valuable because it’s focused on the outcomes of a specific territory. Edited by four networked media art organizations of Brussels (nadine, okno, FoAM and iMAL), the content is a collection of knowledge and experience sharing, written by artists and pratictioneers explaining the tools they use and their own background philosophy production methods. Many workshops, in fact, disperse their content only to participants, loosing the opportunity to distribute the (sometimes surprising) collective results to a more vast audience. This is the case, with some intriguing collaborations that more than often join design requirements with the open source liberating spirit and powerful tools. The presented experiments ranges from poetry composed with Pure Data to interfaces made with crochets, from audio responsive electroluminescent potatoes to speech synth for artificial singer, and as a whole they are a very peculiar and critical mass of locally conceived / globally enjoyable works.