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The language of the video has undergone various semiotic jerks in the nineties, years that saw the opportunity to swoop in personal computers home video editing. The resulting geometric increase of the trials and the parallel

Broken Channel

Broken Channel

The resistance to the culture of surveillance and control begins, with its urgency of interpretation and contrast, to permeate areas of expression other than purely political. Broken Channel, commissioned since the last edition of the



The tenth release by the portuguese label Crónica closes the first phase of its excellent productive path. Since the first release, Hard Disk, the spirit of experimenting with the parameters of discographic products has always been

A / B-Turux

The algorithms underlying the generative artifacts constitute an authentic language of systematic creation, incorporating the unpredictability of organic reality with parametric control of the computer code. Dextro, Lia and the rest of the team of Viennese


A symbiotic encounter of frequencies. This is what stands out in this cd+, which features the collaboration between the australians Oren Ambarchi (honorary mention at the Ars Electronica Festival 2003) and Martin NG (avant-garde turntablist), and