Self Organizing Structures


Leaving behind the usual forms of digital elaboration (pixels, interfaces and sharp lines/sounds) is a necessary step towards a new stage of audiovisual electronic productions, now technically possible and culturally desirable. The aesthetic of digital, in fact, can be present in this kind of works without being continuously cited, as demonstrated by this collaborative work by a group of neapolitan artists, where the chromatic fluidity of Bianco-Valente’s images merges with Mass’ asynchronous sound pulses. The result is a peculiar narration, with slightly warm tones, of an endless sunset where the colours are filtered with unusual hues and convex mirrors. Several organic processes unravel in an unusual timeline, with a nice degree of abstraction, which makes the generated shapes familiar to us. The slightly distorted vision and the shifting luminance give the watcher a relaxed perception of time, helped by the spatiality of the sounds which, dotted with crystal clear abstract textures, complete the simulation of an altered state of conscience. Echoes and spaces induced both by particular techniques of digital elaboration and by our perceptions, stimulate the immersion in a captivating path. The watcher, carried into another memory, finds himself at the center of an intense lucid dream..