moDernisT, confronting with digital losses


What do we lose with the universal adoption of digital as a sub-medium technology? If the vast majority of pictures we see are in (even slightly) lossy jpg and the absolute majority of music we hear is in (even slightly) lossy mp3, there’s something that is inevitably left behind. “moDernisT” by Ryan Maguire is a project exactly about this loss, and its quantification through audio and visual. It’s a video using mp3 and mp4 codecs, where audio is constituted by the lost mp3 compression material from “Tom’s Diner” song, used as listening test for the mp3 encoding algorithm, and video is the mp4 “gosth” of the original, which the author created in collaboration with Takahiro Suzuki. The fragmented (often echoed) sounds and the crude pixelated (often flickering) video sequences together create a “statement of absence” which is both machinic and emotional. It’s what the environment of our mind is missing: an endangered species of data.