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The exhibition catalog for the Nordic Sound Art graduate show 2015 – supported by Kuno Publication Fund – is presented with a vinyl release representative of the work completed during the high-level sound art education program – a project that is structured as a cooperative effort between a number of Nordic fine arts academies and is coordinated by Jonas Olesen. During the biennium 2012-2014 a large number of different topics were covered, from field recording with underwater microphones, to the exploration of drawn sound film techniques on 35mm film, to the exploration of the acoustics in a huge abandoned water tower in Helsinki. At the end of the project, eight students were invited to publish their compositions, which were derived from many installations. To these were added an introduction by the same Olesen and two reflexive essays, by Imri Sandström and Brandon Labelle respectively. All three are established sound artists who question issues of flow and repetition, the acoustics of shared spaces and the ethics of interference. There is a lot of intense work here and there are both conceptual and practical achievements. Especially noteworthy are the rarefied minimal sequences – click’n’cuts and hums – of “Premonition Peak” by Jonas Gazell and the very introspective and sibylline audio work for headphones and extensive dialogue by Georgia Rodger. No less important is the visual aspect of some of the sound installations too, for example “Objects” by Michael Christensen, which is composed of simple geometric panels and a coffee maker, “Invitation” by Hannah Anbert, or the daily-use objects central to “About Temporal”, a sensitive work by Helene Førde, which builds a strong relationship with outdoor spaces.


Jonas Gazell – Premonition Peak


Georgia Rodger – Thought Forms