edited by Matteo Marangoni – No Patent Pending

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MER Paper Kunsthalle, ISBN: 978-9491775673, English, 84 pages, 800 numbered copies, 2015, The Netherlands

There are some books that manipulate content and form to create a seamless continuum of a central idea. This anthology of texts is one such book: perfectly consistent in its design, production and content. “No Patent Pending” is presented as a series of loose pages in a box that are assembled in unique ways by following a “procedural score” (“Permutations of Pages”) composed by Lars Kynde and performed by iii group. This re-combinatory design ensures that every book has a unique sequence of cards/pages. The reader is then placed in the demanding position of either preserving his own unique sequence or performing himself, sorting the cards by following page numbering and the graphic design in order to re-establish the reading order. The initial manual “algorithmic” shuffling and the reverse-engineering sorting are gestures that ensure that the book is “performed” both prior to and during the reading. This engaging structure is augmented by an attentive selection of content that reflects radical approaches to media in performance. The eleven essays address a wide range of topics, critically engaging with science and technology-induced changes in fields like composition, body awareness, acoustics, archive research, information dynamics and 3D printing economies, just to mention a few. The result is a compact manifesto literally embodied in each of the eight-hundred numbered copies.