Emmanuel Allard – Nouvelles Upanishads Du Yoga


CD – Baskaru

In Nouvelles Upanishads Du Yoga Emmanuel Allard has played around with different sound sources and a modular system called Buchla 200e, a new generation synthesizer well known among lovers of experimental electronics. This unusual tool is highly versatile and was inspired by the classic analogue systems of the 70s. The French artist has been active in the non-mainstream Parisian scene for more than twenty years, creating installations and performances in art galleries, clubs and museum – but till now, only one album: Imite Moi, released in 2003 for Dorondine under the cryptic moniker of “Fabriquedecoleur”. Using a reduced setup, Allard is now more focused on sounds and frequencies, creating occasional ambient patterns and reactions between glitches and effects. The work contains some abstract and ethereal passages that do not feel too separated from the moments of synthetic abuse via abrasive resonances, hisses and crackles, feedback and subtractive noise. The combination and the overlapping of elementary sound particles induce the listener to focus on the similarities and contrasts in the sounds. Extricating oneself from the textures requires embracing the radicality of the author’s intentions, which are never comprised nor reduced to a quietist aesthetic. Buzzes, continuous tones, audio emergencies and harsh, strangled sounds sit alongside veiled melodies and metallic winces. Audiences will decide whether to indulge or reject this approach but we think that this production may be a starting point for questioning the adequacy and necessity of the avant-garde today. This unusual and highly “avant-garde” music requires total surrender, but at the same time eschews any abstruse conceptualization.


Emmanuel Allard-Nouvelles Upanishads du Yoga-SÈance(excerpt) [Baskaru]