Gender Sensitivity In World Of Warcraft by Angela Washko, feminism? WoW!


World of Warcraft (or WoW) is currently the most actively played massively multiplayer online game with about 10 millions subscribers. The dynamics that govern it are similar to the canonical rules of the online role-playing games: players, after creating a custom avatar and profile, can immerse themselves in a 3D virtual world where they play a certain role. The large number of people who can interact with each other playing, create a persistent world in which to make friends, fight against (or in alliance with) characters controlled by other humans and gradually reach new targets. In figures, the market reveals that there are many fans of this genre of games in the world. To these also belongs Angela Washko, the New York artist who has undermined the idea of “play” – usually seen as an activity for leisure – bringing within the game itself topics and discussions of the real world. Washko has edited and selected a large series of discussions she had with other players, matured into a real investigation on feminism and, more generally, on gender sensitivity. Washko’s search moves within a spectrum of diverse types of users and it’s enhanced by many materials, both textual (derived from discussions born within the game) and video, many of which are accessible online with comments. The profile that emerges describes a virtual community, but more real than ever, sexist and rather hostile towards gender sensitivities. In short, dear girl player, when you’re done wasting time online, get back in the kitchen. Benedetta Sabatini


World of Warcraft Explains Feminism Live