Blevin Blectum – Emblem Album


CD – Aagoo

Blevin Blectum returns with her bare, adventurous and versatile electronica. Working with Aagoo Records, the artist performs intriguing and unconventional sonic sequences, taking inspiration from diverse fields. Her talent is obvious in the strong vocal lines and textured passages, performed in a manner we would describe as “oblique and bohemian”. Emblem Album is her fifth solo album, but the multimedia composer is also well-known for her partnership with Kristin Erikson (mention should be made of their project Blectum from Blechdom). The duo is still very active: in fact, they performed live (duo and solo) during the presentation event of this album. That night in Providence in Rhode Island was also enriched by the special participation of Bevin’s brother, Kelley Polar, a classical violinist, experimental mind and producer who performed a set of fractal Djing. “Cromis”, the album opener, is an unstructured and slightly psychedelic electro-techno track full of crazy drum machines. There are also episodes that are more rarefied and melodic: for example, the elegiac gameboy of “Nanofancier” or the rhythmic and intricate evolutions of “Deathrattlesnake”. In the second part of the project, we move to more emotionally dense and involving scores and atmospheres (“Harpsifloored”). Purist abstractions and personal narrations are always side-by-side and it’s hard to recognize the distinctive elements; however, in “Manners Melting” we can find elements typical of chamber music. The last track of the album is “Sycamore Scarab”, a delicate and floating immaterial reverie.


Blevin Blectum – Cromis Part One