INTIMatic – A Very Social Privacy


That privacy is in danger, by now, everyone knows. that. The threats can come from external causes, maybe institutional, but also by our own behaviors. A photo published on the web thoughtlessly or reveal their habits on some social network…rare to find those who have never done any of these things. The increasingly popular use of social networks has changed in a few years the concept of private environment making it more public or publishable. The artists “Intimidad Romero” and Federico Joselevich Puiggrós give us a meeting point in the dichotomy between public and private with INTIMatic, a free application for smartphones and computers that can take pictures automatically censoring, with a row or a cloud of pixels, any face will appear. It is then free to spread that image, devoid of peculiarities that allow the recognition of the subjects photographed. The INTIMatic project came to life a few months after the argentine authorities to initiate a program to supply the airports in the country with a particular control system. Through it photographs of millions of passengers shall be forfeited and processed by special biometric recognition software, which can automatically identify the faces of travelers every time them will cross the border. INTIMatic, then, in addition to being an application that helps us control our – possibly- insane need to share, it also raises a bigger question: if surveillance systems have long been ready to automatically recognize faces using biometric checks, why not think about systems that, using the same technique, defend us exactly against this? Benedetta Sabatini