Florian Wittenburg ‎- Sympathetic, (A)Symmetric / New Music For Piano


CD – Nur/Nicht/Nur

This piano solo music project was realized by Florian Wittenburg between 2000 and 2009. “Patterns in a Chromatic Field” is a clear and respectful homage to Morton Feldman (a North American experimenter appreciated for his instrumental compositions), and contains sweetly separated dilated sounds and subtle dynamics. “Three Drones” follows along the same inspiring lines, with the addition of an Ebow resonator close to the strings – a tool that generates an electromagnetic field with a very consistent sustain – on different versions of tracks 5, 8 and 10, which were left to the free interpretation of Nico Huijbregts (5) and Daan Vanderwalle (“Sol Meets John” and “Chors in Slow Motion”, tracks 8-10) respectively. Florian Wittenburg has been fond of establishing different partnerships throughout his career, exploring multidisciplinary artistic fields: video, sculpture, web and technology. So, it is no surprise that there is a sense of exaggerated abstraction, especially when the audio evolutions are left so aerial, vibrant, evocative and rarefied. There is an overriding coherence and purity to the sequences, which maintain focus amid a combination of classical, contemporary and electronic influences. However, the trend is quite contemplative; the symmetry and the balance between the parts and the harmony concatenations make the conditions for a kind of estrangement: the reiterations assume the rhythms of a refined lullaby, delicate and persuasive like a mantra, sympathetic and eccentric. Aurelio Cianciotta


Florian Wittenburg – Ceci n’est pas ma voix