Greg Haines – Where We Were


CD – Denovali

The British cellist and experimenter, now based in Berlin and working with Denovali label, is well known in neo-classicist contemporary circles for his elegiac scores and orchestral juxtapositions (we also remember him for his recent collaboration with Andrea Belfi in “Wege”, by Room40). This attitude returns in “Where We Were” but it is outweighed by a strong and more voluptuous “clinging”, full of psychedelic ambient-articulated progressions, sinuous electronic textures and synthetic “spatial” influences. The hypnotic climax is pleasant listening, although some disquietude meanders between the grooves, giving the tracks some kind of cinematic accent, flowing in insistent but never monotonous drones, floating in diaphanous digressions. The exploration is dreamy, vaguely melancholic, autumnal, unravelling a number of different “emotional states” through very musically defined patterns. There is no shortage of dub echoes, acoustic and digital sounds that, forged by means of a wide range of analogue instruments and recorders, are able to materialize a very vivid and pulsating variety of interwoven textures. There are eight different tracks on the album – lasting for about 45 minutes – but the continuum of the atmospheres remains intense and engaging throughout – classical and abstract but at the same time imbued with a very current ethereal beauty. The frequencies and modulations enwrap us in a very subtle and almost impalpable way, now quietist now more rhythmic, alternating meditative moments. An interesting evolution for Greg Haines that opens up possibilities for new stylistic trajectories.

Greg Haines – Where We Were [Album Teaser]