Plinth – Collected Machine Music


CD – Time Released Sound
We are immediately moved to an unreal dimension, hyper melodious and out of time. This work has been realized using boîte à musique (music boxes), devices that function as automatic instruments. Thin sheets of steel arranged in combs are made to vibrate using pins and rollers or a spinning plate, producinglush chords. Music boxes are typically small in construction, though larger versions (sometimes the size of large pieces of furniture) have been created for use in the bell towers of churches, civic building and monasteries. The roller acts as a sort of lo-fi hard disk, containing the information to be played and the track length is limited to its circumference. Time Released Sound has released this work in the form of an elegant box containing a limited edition cd, a music box and equipment for creating a personalized melody. Michael Tanner (the real name of the eccentric English artist) is not new to inventive projects that combine sound production and broader aesthetic concerns. Collected Machine Music should not be conceptualized as a merely historicist endeavour; the hybrid compositions sound contemporary and are highly enjoyable.