Piano Interrupted – Two By Four


CD – Denovali

Piano Interrupted was the moniker chosen by London pianist and composer Tom Hodge and French electronic manipulator Franz Kiemann for the collaborative work Two By Four. The piece is divided into nine different musical scores that weave together a highly vivid mixture of jazz, tango and electronics. The artists present charming and fluent elaborations, from carefully constructed orchestral interludes to the elegant glitterings of the daring experimentations. The combination of ingredients gives life to very intense passages with sudden cuts between many different moods, including IDM, sections featuring persuasive melodies and moments that are slightly dissonant and percussive. The structural coherence of the whole is aided by the balanced participation of Greg Hall on cello and Eric Young on drums. The album was recorded and mixed by Ludovic Morin, himself an experienced sound engineer and composer. Thanks to this partnership, the different timbres and textures (digital and acoustic) are skilfully integrated and heterogeneous frequencies are balanced. The collusion of synthetic and organic approaches has resulted in the creation of highly original soundscapes. All the techniques used were tested in live performances and free improvisations that moved between more minimal concretions and cinematic-ambient textures, with inspiration from chamber music and post rock. This eclecticism grounds its fertility in its very mobile vocalisation, in the faint spells and the nervous but friendly connections that attach us to an attractive narration; one that is dreamy yet light, resonant in its echoes and deeply involving.