Mathias Delplanque – Chutes

Mathias Delplanque

CD – Baskaru
Mathias Delplanque is a talented musician with experience performing sound installation works and electro-acoustic compositions. His creations often balance objects and audio captures, giving life to interesting digital textures. His approach includes improvisational elements but emphasis is also placed on structured frameworks. This latest work appears to occupy a middle ground: Chutes is filled with dark atmospheres, sharp passages and deafening, swollen sounds. The elaborations are realized through a streamlined strategy, allowing different stages of production (execution, manipulation, mixing) to flow seamlessly into one another. The results are then transformed into live solo performances, without the addition of overdubs. The evolutions of the experimenter and sound-artist, a native of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso (but now resident in Nantes) are persuasive. They are, however, always permeated by a pulsating anxiety, crammed with ticking sounds and a very broad and ethereal “dubbing”. The more abstract sequences produce a suspended narration: captivating, melancholy and elliptical, dripping with the relationship between space and music, places and resonances. The Baskaru staff should be pleased with the result: Delplanque ranges over uncertain territory, but always keeps an intense inner coherence, a mix of recurring drones and ambient textures that are unexpected, persistent and hypnotic. Here the sound particles combine to form an emotionally sweet and melancholic intrigue.