Acoustic Space #11 – Techno-Ecologies

Acoustic Space #11

edited by Rasa Smite, Eric Kluitenberg and Raitis Smits – RIXC, The Centre for New Media Culture, ISSN: 1407-2858, 168 pages, 2012, English
Acoustic Space is a journal founded in 1998 that for a few years now has functioned as a peer-reviewed journal, usually printed every year and coinciding with a festival on the same topic (including conferences and an exhibition), held in Riga (Latvia). The main theme of issue #11 (relating to the 2011 event) is shaped on Felix Guattari’scall for integrated dramatic technological and scientific transformation on earth. He formulated three “ecological registers” which have been adopted as sections of the publication (Environmental Ecology, Social Ecology and Mental Ecology) plus one focussing on the exhibition. From this perspective Eric Kluitenberg (who coined the techno-ecology concept) cites the philosopher David Rothenberg in his paper and his concept of “deep technology”, which stresses the need for symbiosis with ecology, subverting the misleading industrial propaganda of self-empowerment. His concept of “inhabiting technologies” perfectly categorizes a number of different contributions such as Tatiana Goryucheva’s essay on “food traceability”, Ojars Balcers’ piece on the lifecycle of flame retardant materials, and the richly argued call for a “Cultura Experimentalis” by Siegfried Zielinski. RIXC has become one of the centres most sensitive to the need for a pragmatic relationship between science and art, reflecting the research investment in local universities around renewable energies. The theoretical texts are excellently integrated with performative artworks and there is a strong experimental science component, forming a compelling publication.