Ephraim Wegner & Julia Weinmann – Eins Bis Sechzehn

Ephraim Wegner & Julia Weinmann

CD – Crónica
A hotel in ruins, burdened with memories and environments evocative of fascinating decadence. Here are spaces that became uninhabitable, now only remotely reminiscent of the splendour of the 60s through 80s, during which period the tourist industry embraced an approach that leaned on a depersonalized and “modernist” sensibility. The location is, however, more than just a pile of rubble, re-appropriated by weeds, animals and insects. The spaces still “breath” and screech and murmur, appearing to persist as an independent entity. In Eins Bis Sechzehn Ephraim Wegner and Julia Weinmann present a work that transforms the surroundings through photos and live recordings, weaving together identities and relationships between the transitory groups of people who stayed there. In this sense the artist is not anymore a simple on-site correspondent limited to recording the ‘actuality’ of the sights and sounds of a particular moment in time. Some recordings have been treated in post-production with FTT techniques (Fast Fourier Transform) and granular synthesis. Finally, a special mention should go to Miguel Carvalhais for the highly calibrated mastering and to Clovis Vallois for the packaging; a minimal and refined 6” box, which includes a number of very high quality photographic images.