Vitor Joaquim – Filament

Vitor Joaquim

CD – Knivitu
Here the sequences impress themselves in an iterated, hybrid union of melodious envelopes and synthetic drones; ambient interlacing characterized by very dilated and hypnotic knits. A sense of suspension fills the entire project. “Our everyday life seems to be always more polluted by messages of every kind”, says the author Vitor Joaquim “and what is not intense and sharp has no effectiveness”. The energy of this work is generated through a sensitivity to microvariations and soft breathes, ravenous, restless mutterings and the gnawing, elliptical modulations of the scans that are modeled through many evolutions of an immanent sonification. As the electric current crosses the air, the tension of brutally intense moments fills the narrative space. It seems unnatural, then, to escape from the continuum of a constantly active perception, according to what is more conventional or appears as the current object of devotion. Effectively marking nonlinear spaces fraught with auditive winces and characterized by many shades and urges, “Filament” stands out for its sophisticated and restless experimental nature. In the very rarefied predisposition of the elements, intense and ghostly, the auditive microemergencies and the recurring successions are well integrated, with abstractions seemingly generated from thin mechanical disturbances. “‘We still have our hearts to feel what beat is, and what beat means. We don’t need to push ourselves to the edge of ourselves at every moment.