Tarek Atoui – Mort Aux Vaches

Tarek Atoui

CD – Staalplaat
Spacey electronic textures evolve into oblique sound cuts, incorporating truncated textual elements. The new Mort Aux Vaches album by Tarek Atouri isn’t comfortable on first listening, with its jumpy passages and tangled audio-noise collages assembled from many sources and destructured samples. Nonetheless, groove after groove, the polyrhythmic nature of the impulses fascinates us, trapping the listener in a sensory web on the scale of a galactic battle. The author dedicates the album to ‘the courage, the perseverance, the resistance of the Lebanese people’, qualities shared ‘with all Arabs and all the people in the world who are suffering and enduring illegal and unjust repressions and occupations’. This is a multimedia bursting with collapsed soundscapes, strong fractures and contrasts, a machinic mash-up induced by the intensive use of the Max/MSP software. Tarek Atouri’s electro-acoustic music is wild, but hides many intelligent delicacies. It is a complex, but undoubtedly fascinating work.