Fennesz – Black Sea


CD – Touch
Melodic emphasis and discontinuous threads, fragments, hybridizations and crossed patterns: a thick and changing sea of sounds submerges the listener with ambient textures and thousands of streams, confluences and stagnations. Fennesz, walking down a similar path to the one he took with his previous work ‘Venice’, seems to be increasingly interested in more airy and ambient mixes, using background noises lightly, setting clicks and thunderous effects aside, atypically using acoustic and electric guitars, synths, samplers and computers, modulated through Lloopp, a live improvisation program written in Max/MSP. ‘The Colour of Three’ is an unstoppable, continuous and iterated flow, with atmospheres reminiscent of ‘Colonel Kurtz’ and ‘Glide’, in which the Vienna artist duets with Rosy Parlane, a laptop experimenter who is equally versed in tangled abstract electronic sounds. Elegiac and barely dissonant hues are to be found in ‘Vacuum’, where the formal perfection is obliquely ‘disturbed’, following an attempt to give birth to a new digital ‘classicism’.