Schurer – Parallax


CD – Domizil
Eccentric passages, modulated in equally atypical waveforms, occasionally sound crooked and elastic. They are followed by more muffled and grainy concatenations; a chromatic addition of effect and perceptive starts. Decidedly uncommon aural experiences are imbued with synthetic laments, tonal variations and nervous sequential rhythms. Schurer, in ‘Parallax’, articulates chaotic improvised grafts, oscillations and geometrical conjunctions in a continuous flow. This is an electronic polymorphism that crumbles our acquired musical certainties, involving a host of options that unravel within the same structure. We are aware of a lanky vagueness and perspective overlaps generated by a shift in the point of view, directly induced confusion that generates fruitful jammings, measured and artificial stammerings and self-referential non-shapes that are modelled on uncertain phenomena, but which are nonetheless not devoid of meaning.